The Subversive Imagination: The Artist, Society and Social Responsibility By Carol Becker

I recently found this old piece of writing I had copied out in an old folder and thought I’d share on here due to Carol Becker’s piece still being relevant many years later.

Art is Location: A designated imaginative space where freedom is experienced. 

At times it is a physical entity, a site – a painting on the wall, an installation on the floor, an event chiselled in space and of time; a performance, a dance, a video, a film.  But, it is also a psychic location – a place in the mind where one allows for a recombination of experiences, a suspension of the rules that govern daily life; a denial of gravity.

It challenges the monopoly of the established reality by creating ‘fictitious worlds’ in which one can see mirrored that range of human emotion and experience that does not find an outlet in the present reality.  In this sense the fabricated world becomes ‘more real than reality itself’.

Art presents the possibility of a fulfilment which only a transformed society can offer.  It is a reminder of what a truly integrated experience of oneself in society might become via a remembrance of gratification and a sense of purpose beyond our perceived alienation.  Art can embody tensions which represent ‘keeping hope alive’ and the ‘memory of the happiness’ that once was, and that we continue to seek in the vain hope our ego will finally be satisfied.

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