Collaboration: Videos

Here are a few videos exploring elements of contemporary collaboration as a further note to the previous post on the Art of Collaboration for your interest.

As you will note these include elements where new technology have given artists ways of interacting with the world in various ways through the use of technology. 

The examples I have listed below come from Erika Barbee, Chris Klapper and Patrick Gallagher and Adam Grose.Each artist approaches the form of collaboration in various ways that I will talk about.

Erika Barbee

Erika is a performance artist from New York and during a stay at the residency La Fragua in Belalcazar she explored various forms of performance working with a variety of material. 

In the video below both Erika and Juan participate in an alternative drinking game based on receiving tweets on situations unfolding in the Middle East.

Chris Klapper & Patrick Gallagher

Chris and Patrick are Husband and Wife artist duo who have both an established artistic practice in New York and have travelled to many countries in the exploration of data. 

They collect information and data from their travels, working with technology to collect and use captured information to form the basis of their practice. 

In this video we see one of their installations now housed in Poland exploring the interaction between the environment, technology and peoples’ touch to form the sounds of the elements of Nature.

Adam Grose

During his many walks in the landscape and being immersed in the environment Adam captures the sounds made by Nature and its interaction with human made objects.

 The intervention between human objects and the weather form alternative ways sound is created, exploring our relationship with Nature, both as something used in the making of objects and their placing in an environment where Nature creates sound as a form of communication to any ears to hear.

Source: Collaboration: Videos


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