Sequential Art

One of my creative practices as an artist is producing comic strips and publishing on-line and as printed material, either as self-published books, within other publications or as a newspaper.

Growing up in the 80s I was drawn to newsprint comics via 2000ad and I still prefer the newsprint style printing paper, hence my liking for printing comics as a newspaper on newsprint.  

I have recently completed editing a new collection of stories to be published in February 2017 and thought I would share some of the pages here for you to enjoy.  The paper will be available to purchase on-line and it will be delivered directly to your home. 

This collection of short stories is called The Black Knight and Other Stories and continues the tradition of collecting short tales produced over the last 5 years into one publication.I am also working on a new series of books with the artist from Cosmogenesis based on a character from the series. 

I still have copies available to purchase from my website or from Amazon. The story follows the adventures of Quongo and is a 550 page epic sci-fi adventure tale exploring the political instability of the Galaxy of Nom-Yakk and the changing times leading to a significant event that will change the galaxy forever.   The art is highly detailed by Tony Suleri.

Here are some preview pages from The Black Knight and Other Tales I am also currently working on two newspaper style strips that will be available for free to read on-line. 

The first which is available now is a detective mystery The Dragonfly involving the character DSI Eleanor Moreau and had been in development since 2007. 

The other I am currently working on and drawing is a conspiracy thriller with a twist called Virak.  These are digitally drawn and coloured and will eventually be collected into newspaper style comic books.

Here are a few images from these: The Dragonfly <> Source: Sequential Art


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