Untitled (1978) & Figure Studies – Study in Pastels

Untitled (1978) | Oil Pastel on Paper | 25th-28th May 2015 | A R Grose

There is a fine balance between having enough and having too much of things in one image. This balance I have sought over the last ten years, playing with overlays, seeking the right balance between image and colour. The unfinished sensibility harks back to my childhood seeing billboards which sold promises with their models and imagined lifestyles, selling an ideal, a dream. The billboards of my childhood had been abandoned, left to the elements in the mid to late 1970s. Looking back these act as a symbolic gesture to economic decline during the 70s in the UK – something I have never forgotten (three day week, power-cuts, inflation, Winter of Discontent in 1979). Then the 1980s and the rise of Thatcherism with her stance towards the unions and trade, leading towards an economic recovery (built on debt) or what would become known as Laissez-faire economics.

Figure Studies | Oil Pastel on Paper | 20th-23rd May 2015 | A R Grose

My particular favourite billboard was one by the old cinema in Yeovil Town, by the telephones. I remember the first time I saw it whilst waiting to see Star Wars in 1978 – noting its entropy, (although at the time I did not know of this word), but that symbolic image in reality and an altogether other reality which came with SW – a new hope was stirring. The previous poster images appearing through the gaps, the torn areas created by wind and rain, revealed a past that had still the potential to affect the future, one which would lead me to a quest to research how a past affects a present and the present affecting the past at the point of remembering, in one feedback loop of time.

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