What role does inter-connectivity have upon the evolution of a culture?

Andalusian History

Since July 15th 2013 I left the United Kingdom to go and live in Cyprus for six months to see what would happen to my practice and seek another way of making work.  I wanted to see what else I would come up with in response to the new situation I placed myself in.  Through staying at residencies and being an Artist in Residence, working on projects, researching what my practice was about and ways of seeing reality through a new situation I witnessed my work evolve into something new.  The work I produced gained me a place on a project in Spain and an opportunity to travel through Spain, staying at other residencies, which gave me the chance to further explore a personal project based on the idea of pilgrimage.  Over the last few weeks I have been going through a process of deep-thinking, evaluating what I have made over the last year and develop my project further.  This research blog is a place where I shall share the information, putting it all together to form a thesis idea exploring a personal question about interconnecting cultures and its application in my practice.

Through various inquiries I have been collecting information over the last year; online, books and through my practice, I have been testing out ideas.  My question through all of this has been exploring the role of inter-connectivity and mapping in the evolution of culture?  Throughout my travels I have been to many museums, galleries, travelling and recording my journeys via GPS technology, exploring various architecture, art and cultural traditions, acting as foundations to a host nation from the many cultures who have come to Cyprus and Spain, sharing and leaving their influences, which have led to technological and cultural developments that have contributed to a host’s sense of identity; shaping the new ways of seeing reality.

This blog will act as a logbook furthering my inquiry and bring all the pieces together to form questions and lead to writings exploring the role of inter-connecting cultures and developments through the words of ‘identity and relationship’; and although I will be sharing this through my website, primarily it is a format for me to pull all this data together in one place, which I hope will expand into an in-depth study of the value inter-cultural exchanges have in a multicultural world.




  1. Definitely agree! Learning and experiencing other cultures opens ones eyes to new perspectives on the world which you can use to make your lifestyle more efficient.

    We explore the culture of each country through music, art, food, fashion, lifestyle, etc. Maybe we can be of assistance to your research!



    • Excellent. Thank you – all research from a variety of places is most welcomed. I am going through all the research I have accumulated over the last year which I will be putting up on the research blog. I will check out your website too ;D


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